1/3 of Calgary Transit's buses have bike racks.
Let's help you find them.

Do you know the 4 digit stop number where you'll be catching the bus?

How does it work?
We made a list of which buses have bike racks, and RackTrack matches it to the buses arriving at your stop in real time.

Using schedule data from Calgary Transit, RackTrack looks ahead to tell you about buses later in the day too - just hit 'View later arrivals'.

And if the vehicle number isn't available, RackTrack will show you what % of previous buses on that specific trip have had bike racks so you can make an educated decision.

Here's what you'll see when you look up a bus stop:

  • The bus has a bike rack
  • The bus doesn't have a bike rack
  • The vehicle number isn't available and we can't tell you if it has a bike rack

    This happens when the bus hasn't left the garage yet or its tracking system isn't working.

    Instead, you'll see info on how many past buses for that specific arrival have had bike racks. And if the bus simply hasn't left the garage yet, you'll see what time you can check back after.
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